What is RegFiles?

RegFiles is a user-driven website that provides downloadable, customizable registry files for use on your computer.

What is a Registry File?

A registry file is a text file containing information for use in the Windows registry, which is a database of settings for most of your programs and games.

What do I need registry for?

Some games need registry to work run, install, or update. Why would you be missing the registry? Perhaps you copied an installed game without running the setup. Or you may have formatted your PC, keeping your games but not the registry for them.

Not everyone puts their games in the same place. Different folders, drives, and CD keys. RegFiles provides an easy way for you to quickly get the registry for your game, matched to your own situation.

How do I use this site?

When you find the registry you need, fill out the form that accompanies it. This will personalise the file for your computer. This includes things like the path to an installed game or your product key.

Once you download the file, you will get a .reg file. Open this and press Yes on the prompt.

Is this site safe?

Our staff manually inspect every uploaded registry file to ensure its safety - nothing sneaky like changing your home page, or installing a virus.

What is registry file customization?

Some registry files have 'fields' that are customizable with your own data, to personalize the registry file for your computer. For example, it is common for games to store the path to it's installation folder in the registry. You can enter your own directory, and the downloaded registry file will contain your data automatically - no more tedious copying and editing in notepad.

What about my CD keys, serials or product keys?

Our site uses TLS/SSL encryption, so you can be sure no one is able to view your data. We get a grade A+ in the Qualys SSL Labs test, too.

If you are using Chrome 14 or Firefox 20 or newer, registry files are generated without any transmission of data at all (excluding the zip file option).

For other browsers, the information you enter is sent to our server. It is not recorded or logged in any way. Your generated files are stored in memory only, and are removed as soon as you finish downloading it.

If you do not trust the customization service, you can always copy the registry code into your text editor and edit it yourself.

If a user uploads a registry file that contains a product key, it will be removed as soon as possible.

How do I become an uploader?

Anyone is free to post registry. Your registry will be approved by our staff before being public.

In time, you may become one of our trusted users who do not need to have their contributions manually approved. Keep uploading registry and we will notice you!

Is it safe to login to RegFiles with Steam?

Absolutely! We use Steam's official API to integrate with our site. It is not possible for us to receive your Steam password or do anything malicious to your account.

We only use the Steam API for the following:

  1. To get your Steam username, so we can display it to you and to generate an account on RegFiles,
  2. and a list of your Steam games, so we can match your library against our available registry and requests.