Privacy Policy

If you have any concerns, we can be reached via our contact page.

Data entered when customising registry

The data you provide when customising your registry is not recorded, logged or stored in any form by our service.

When using the saved registry feature, the data is transmitted to our system. Sensitive data such as CD keys are encrypted.

Registration and contact data

Data you provide when registering such as your username or email address is not sold or shared with any third parties.

Upon request, we can provide all data associated with your account for your own review or for updating. We can also remove this data if you desire.

Anonymous aggregate data collection

We collect anonymous aggregate data about the behaviour of our visitors via Google Analytics.

This data includes statistics such as which pages are viewed and for how long, basic country and browser and device version information, and the frequency specific links are clicked.

This data cannot be used to identify you, and is used only for improvements to the user experience of our website.

The data is not shared with any third parties.