The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt ( version) registry

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Installation registry entry for The Witcher 3, version

"Path" is the Installation Folder "...\the Witcher 3 Wild Hunt"

"Start Menu Path" is the Start Menu Folder, in i.e. on Windows 7 :
"C:\\Users\\[Username]\\AppData\\Roaming\\Microsoft\\Windows\\Start Menu\\Programs\\The Witcher® 3 - Wild Hunt []"

Customize this registry
This is for 64-bit software. Only use this if you are using a 64-bit version of Windows.


Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

; The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt ( version) registry
; Generated by

"GAMENAME"="The Witcher® 3: Wild Hunt"
"STARTMENULINK"="\\The Witcher® 3 - Wild Hunt"
"STARTMENU"="The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt"
"INSTALLDATE"="2015-05-17 17:19:49"
"LAUNCHCOMMAND"="\\bin\\x64\\witcher3.exe "
"EXE"="\\bin\\x64\\witcher3.exe "

The uninstaller is generated automatically. If you have other apps or games made by the same company or developer, this may also remove registry required for those. Please check the registry below before using it.
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

; The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt ( version) registry
; Generated by



Hius on

How can i help You my hero ? It's the best one i have found out :* Because of You ,now i can play in Witcher 3 in my language. <3

Callisto Site owner on

@Hius Thanks for your kind words. We are so glad our website helped you!

You can help us out by telling your friends about us and sharing any registry you might have! Thanks!!


I tried many time but it cant seem to work

same as always "game installation not found"

raven31 on

It would be great if the param contain patch or version too. Because after I reinstall my Operating System, and when I want to install the DLC Heart Of Stone failed because there may be a registry patch does not update too, though I've updated to Patch 1.10. Please help.

David on

Guys, this is wierd! theres no "The Witcher® 3 - Wild Hunt []" in my "AppData\\Roaming\\Microsoft\\Windows\\Start Menu\\Programs"
And I've finished the game twice with no problems!
But I can't install the patch and agian says "game installation not found" :(((((
I think the problem is because of not having the "The Witcher® 3 - Wild Hunt []" file or folder (because i don't know what it is)
What do I do? Where do I get it from? Is it Kb or Mb?
I'd be grateful for any tips :D

Callisto Site owner on

@David: The start menu folder isn't important. The one that matters is `Path` - this should be set to the folder you installed the game to, such as C:\Program Files\The Witcher 3. Try that :)

Swirl on

I love you

Nomad on

Hey guys. After i downloaded the registry, i received a notepad file. Can you tell me what to do with it?

Callisto Site owner on

Hi @Nomad. You need to save the file with a .reg extension then just open the file. It'll ask you to merge it in, confirm it and it'll work :)

AliMAbed on

I have a questionI have all the dlcs including heart of stone and blood and wine and i am currently on 1.21 versionAnd now i wanna update it to 1.22And when i update it it says"Some errors occurred, see patch_log.txt for details"I have no idea what to do Can anyone help me ?If so can u tell me step by step
(I have the gog version)

miqueas22 on

hi and thanks for the help, i did all the steps above and it did appear to find the game installation, but i keep getting an error saying:
Setup was unable to create the directory "C:\Program Files (x86)\The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt\\bin\x64\witcher3.exe"
Error 183: Cannot create a file when the file already exists.
any clue what i could be doing wrong ? thanks in advance

xonedl on

- ensure those paths are written with DOUBLE backslashes --> \\
- the reg file above probably is for 32 bit Windows, which the directory is different for 64 bit Windows, to get this to work with 64 bit Windows, change the following line


- for those with version 1.10 wanting to patch to higher version, change BUILD to 40 and VER to

LordToenail on

@xonedl Had to register just to say thank you for this, was trying to update up from 1.21 - the original fix didn't work but your modifications did. Thanks again

TheDon on

@xonedl Had to register too just to say THANK YOU, you are really a life saver!

aliirshad on

I don't know who you are and where you are from, I just made this account to thank you! you have no idea how badly i have been trying to trying to install that witcher 3 patch..
Thank you so much whoever you are!!

RoCkA on

I need to update to patch 1.10 from 1.02. which build number and game version should I edit in?

AuralVirus on

for version 1.31(A)
to update to 1.32

I used:-







and some other changes but i cant paste the full working reg details - so hopefully just the build number & game version id will help someone.

GOR_n on

Hi can anyone share 4.1_hotfix reg
thank you

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