Request for Enable Variable Refresh Rate registry

Requested by joshua62210 under Tweaks

Hello / Good evening, I would like to obtain the "Variable Refresh Rate" option because I did not find in any forums or sites that mentions how to activate it via Regedit and I unfortunately do not have this option on my computer in which I would like to test the option.

If you know how to activate this option, I would like to thank you very much for your help and on this I wish you a good evening from me and on this I wish you a good continuation.

Do you have the registry for Enable Variable Refresh Rate?

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Callisto Site owner on

Hi @joshua62210. I would guess that if the option is not available, it could mean your device does not support it. You would need a compatible display, GPU, and cable, and be sure to update your drivers. You need Windows 10 1903 or later.

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