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Uh so i would like to request a registry file for Just Cause 2. The reason behind is that i was trying to play JC2MP but before that i received an error that the game isnt properly installed into my PC. Now i cant find the DVD of the original but i had the whole game into a .rar file as for a backup which really came in handy. However like i said above, While i was trying to install the JC2MP executable, It gave me a straight error. Maybe adding the game into the registry would help out or something.

Thanks in advance, Cheers


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Agret Staff on

Just extract your RAR into your Steam\SteamApps\Common and then tell Steam to download Just Cause 2 again and it will validate your files and only download what it needs to get it up to the latest version. Then launch the game from Steam and it will perform the first time install and fix up all your registry for you =) JC2MP relies on the game being properly installed in Steam to work and won't work with a "backup" copy.

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