Request for The Star Wars Battlefront II Alpha or Beta edition. registry

Requested by Robotic_Jedi under Games

Hello There!

I am currently looking for the files for the Star Wars Battlefront II Closed Alpha or beta. I'd like to have these files as there are "lost" files which cannot be accessed anymore, since the developers have removed them in future updates. Such as left over testing assets, meshes, maps, etc. (Like, an Imperial Star Destroyer bridge from the campaign, but cannot be accessed via datamining today) I do not want to "leak" the files, I wish just view them and look at how the game has changed in 3 years, and see what could've been.

If it's impossible to get the files through the registry, can someone direct me to download the files from somewhere safe?

Thanks for the help, and May the Force be with y'all!

This request was fulfilled by Star Wars Battlefront II Closed Alpha 2017


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