Request for They Are Billions registry

Requested by Anti-Surface under Games

Do you have registry for game named "They Are Billions"?

Many players are having bad experience on playing this when the technology research they've got in the game lost.
Actually this happens due to misplace on installation, which should be placed on: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\They Are Billions",
but they customized it. This frequently occurs to whom have low memory on their Local Disk (C:) so they have to install their steam app on another drive
like on the New Volume (D:), though it's not steam the default location, so find and edit the registry may can be a worth alternative way to try.
If you have it, it could be very helpful!

Thanks for your attentions.

Based on:
gog site -> They Are Billions -> Losing research points after missions

Do you have the registry for They Are Billions?

Help Anti-Surface out by uploading the registry and fulfilling this request!

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